Create Inmersive experiences for your event

Take your event to the next level and surprise your Virtual and On Site attendees with AR or VR showcases. It will be exciting, engageful and unforgettable.

Augmented Reality

Give an special showcase for feaured products, or just make something for your attendees to have some fun. AR gives your users the ability to interact with objects in the digital world.

Custom Inmersive Experiences

Our team is able to create fully customized inmersive experiences for different situations and scenarios. So if you want to take all the advantage of AR/VR don’t hesitate and tell us your idea!

Virtual Reality

Allow users to interact with three dimensional spaces and take action on different spots. This will get them more clear information and a more inmersive experience. Avaliable in template or totally customized scenarios.

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Register, LogIn, Check In

Avoid creating long lines and waiting times on entrance. Make your registration process simple, organized and unified for all your users. Bmotik will make your registration, login and check-in more easy and automated than ever.

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Virtual or Hybrid Solutions

Create amazing digital experiences for your virtual and onsite audiences. Let your attendees decide how they want to experience your event and simplify your processes in the way.

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Data and Analytics

Data & Analytics One of the big advantages of going virtual, hybrid or digitalized on site is all the data you can collect and insightful information you get from it.

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Virtual and Hybrid

are the Future of Events

That’s why we have created the best platform and integrated state of the art technologies for your event, no matter if it is 100% virtual or hybrid.

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