Create Engaging experiences for your event

Take your event to the next level and surprise your Virtual and On Site attendees with engaging experiences sush as gamification, polls, ideas wall and much more

Interactive Chat

A truly engageful and interactive chat. Fast and reliable. Users will be able to answer polls, ask questions, send GIFs and emoticons, react or answer to other coments, put their photo or image and also use different channels for different purpouses or even send direct messages.

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Wall of Ideas

Empower your attendees and let them create ideas, goals, dreams, or whatever you decide. It is a custom wall for your event to be memorable. Also it will give you great insights.

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Custom Engaging Experiences

Our team is able to create fully customized engaging experiences for different situations and scenarios. For example you can create unique experiences with products, community forums, live social media streaming, and much more

Live eCommerce

Check out this article about Live eCommerce, it is a big opportunity for event organizers. You will get more engagement, will be more reminded by your attendees, and off course you can expect to increase sales

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Games and Trivia

Make something different for your attendees, and create some games and trivia for them to enjoy and learn. You can connect the gamification module with it so users will gain points as they interact.

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plataforma para eventos virtuales

Virtual or Hybrid Solutions

Create amazing digital experiences for your virtual and onsite audiences. Let your attendees decide how they want to experience your event and simplify your processes in the way.

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App para eventos

Custom Event App

Do you want to engage more? to send push notifications to your users about the sessions that our about to start? To allow attendees to chat with everybody no matter where they are? Then an event App is your solution

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Virtual and Hybrid

are the Future of Events

That’s why we have created the best platform and integrated state of the art technologies for your event, no matter if it is 100% virtual or hybrid.

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