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Bmotik Platform Tools and Addons

Imagine an event where you can use all these customizable tools!

And much more…

We can do even More for your Event

Together with our partners we can make your virtual or hybrid event even cooler

Digital Development

Create web and mobile Apps for your event, avaliable in all devices. Expanding your audience reach and increasing your interactions.

Render and/or Virtual Tour

Custom rendered environment for your event to be unique and special. It can be based on a real location or completely out of your imagination!


Connect your digital and face-to-face audience in a creative and innovative way, using RFID technology to improve interaction and communication.

VR Apps

Yes! Make your digital or hybrid event more interesting and engaging using VR apps for your face-to-face or digital audience.

Video Production

It’s important to promote your event in the most impactful and engaging way. Produce a video and start getting leads today.

Tech Support

Either in hybrid or virtual events you will need tech support and expertise in different fields. Let us give you a hand with that.

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